What is Design Consultancy?

Commercial catering facility design is the true essence of Space Group and lies at the very heart of our business. As one of the UK’s leading Commercial Catering design houses since 2000, we pride ourselves not only in the quality and efficiency of our designs but also the strong relationships that we build with our clients throughout this process. Because of this we are now concentrating on more and more consultancy roles that enable us to demonstrate these skills in a truly collaborative way with clients to enable them to have a completely inclusive design pack to tender. This way we can separate the ‘Design’ and ‘Sales’ processes.

Within the consultancy division we employ a number of skilled individuals with a multitude of abilities to enable us to be truly a one stop shop for any project. Whether it be an upgrade to an existing facility or a new build project, our in-house team can help.

  • Facility designers with upwards of 20 years of experience
  • Interior Designers
  • 3D Visualizers
  • VR and animation specialists
  • Customer Flow Simulation and Analysis (Click Here to find out more)
  • Front of house audits and operational surveys
  • Operational summaries and Observations

Consultancy Packages

Catering Design Consultancy

A bit of information about catering design consultancy …

Foodservice Consultancy

A bit of information about foodservice consultancy …


Here are some examples of recent consultancy projects

Working Collaboratively With

Some of the partners we have worked with in the industry.