Discover exceptional dining experiences with our specialised design services tailored for the restaurant and café sector.

Whether you are embarking on the launch of a new establishment or revamping an existing space, our team is committed to creating tailor-made restaurant kitchen and interior designs that elevate your service style and enrich your customers’ experience.

Our mission is to craft highly functional kitchens that empower your culinary team and dining spaces that ignite the imagination of your customers.

Our comprehensive solutions encompass the entire journey.

We will collaborate closely with you and take into consideration everything from intelligent space planning and the use of innovative equipment, to reviewing your menu and vision. Our skilled and experienced teams can guide you through the entire process. 

We take pride in our diverse portfolio, having partnered with esteemed high street names such as Boston Tea Party, Hubbox, Pizza Express, Nando’s, ITSU, and Aqua. Each collaboration reflecting a unique identity and delivers a memorable customer experience. 

Initial brief taken

Order placed

Concept design produced with mood boards

Quote and final design approved

The Project Design Process

Design revisions and budget pricing completed

Detailed drawings & quotation completed

Design and budget approved

Visuals completed if required

With Space, you can confidently create a dining destination that leaves a lasting impression. 

With our steadfast support throughout, we alleviate the stress and assist you in creating an exceptional restaurant experience that embodies the essence of your brand.