Our mission was to conceptualise, deliver, and implement a contemporary, visually appealing servery area for a busy school restaurant, departing from traditional educational aesthetics.

The project was initiated when Space Group was approached by a valued client, with whom we have a strong track record, seeking our expertise after experiencing disappointment with another supplier. Adding to the challenge, the installation had to be completed during the school’s summer break.

Our skilled manufacturing team excelled in crafting bespoke counters with specially designed gantries and pendant lighting. With our in-house manufacturing facilities, we prioritised and expedited the project to meet tight deadlines. What typically takes three months was accomplished in just one, thanks to our team’s involvement in the design and drawing phases, facilitating a smooth transition into production.

The final result perfectly met the client’s vision and budget, resulting in their utmost satisfaction. This success solidifies our reputation as a trusted partner, with the client considering further collaborations across the UK with Space Group.

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