Our primary objective for this project was to deliver an innovative design solution that would enhance efficiency and achieve cost savings at their newly acquired garden centre site.

Throughout the project, we faced numerous challenges, such as implementing a state-of-the-art extraction system and devising a seamless flow for food and customer traffic across multiple areas.

Despite the intricate nature of these requirements, Space Group triumphed in accomplishing the project, resulting in a seamless handover of an optimally functioning catering operation to our client. We meticulously orchestrated a phased opening process for each catering zone, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operation at every stage.

This project stands as a testament to Space Group’s prowess in managing large, sophisticated installations, even when confronted with formidable challenges. Adhering to predefined budgets, our unwavering dedication to client satisfaction was demonstrated through our ability to deliver exceptional results tailored to their needs.

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