Space Test: The Instanta 1501F Water Boiler

As part of our commitment to sustainable solutions that save our clients money and reduce environmental impact we are continuously putting the catering equipment we recommend to the test, making sure it reaches our standards.

A recent example is this case study, pitting the Instanta 1501F Water Boiler against a market leader in the Space staff kitchen which serves over 100 hot drinks per day to our thirsty team.

Probably the most significant observation over the 40 day trial period was a reduction in kw output of 32%, equating to a 32% saving in electricity bill costs. Apart from electricity usage the biggest ongoing running cost for the boiler is the frequency of filter changes. The interval between filter changes for the Instanta is 13,000 litres, which is 4x better than other leading models, delivering further cost savings.

Whilst the Instanta 1501F Boiler cost price is higher than some competitors, we found that this cost is neutralised after just 155 days with our usage resulting in savings from that point onwards.

  • Compact and reliable
  • Manufactured from high-grade stainless steel
  • Basic fault diagnostics with LCD read out
  • Built-in multi-filtration with adjustable filter monitor
  • Large non drip taps with chromed-brass spindle
  • Self priming
  • Long life incoloy element
  • Over-boil & Boil dry protection
  • Low voltage switching
  • Optional rear-drain connection
  • 12 months parts and labour guarantee
  • 1.5 metre food quality hose with 3/4″ BSP female connections
  • Thermistor controlled for constant hot water temperature of 98°C
  • Easy access for service and cleaning

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