Space provides 300 Jiko’s for Kenyan households

Lots of families benefitted directly from the Jiko project as can be seen from the photos, showing the Space Jiko’s at the factory in Kenya and subsequently in use in people’s homes.

The Jiko, or Geo-cooker has a number of benefits to the families and communities that use them including:

  • As Kenyan cooking methods traditionally use firewood, more and more trees are cut each day to provide each household with their daily materials for cooking. The Jiko reduces the use of firewood, as the heat is trapped within it. Families can save money from buying firewood and use the money to buy other important basic needs for the family.
  • Improving the health of guardians and orphans. Studies show that household using firewood without a Jiko causes respiratory tract infections to the family. The more firewood they use the more smoke emissions coming from the wood, thereby contributing to respiratory diseases of the family. The Jiko is smokeless hence will greatly reduce CO2 emissions, the use of firewood or charcoal and thus deforestation will also be reduced.
  • Saving on cooking times. Households that use the Jikos found out that it saves considerable time in cooking. The surplus time will be used for farming, income generating activities, girls’ education and women’s participation in community life. Added to which families are able to do other household activities while cooking.
  • Families are able to cook more than once in a day due to minimal use of firewood.
  • The type of housing in Western Kenya is very poor and most families live in one roomed grass thatched roofed shanties that pose a lot of danger to the women and children when cooking is done indoors. Kitchen accidents are significantly reduced since cooking pans are held stable on the Jiko.
  • Its heart warming to know that we really can make a difference to people’s lives. Added to which, we are reducing the carbon footprint of in Kenya as well as in the commercial kitchens of the UK.