Putting the heart back into River Cottage

We were pleased to have worked with the team again, after helping them get back on their feet following the devastating fire last spring which almost wiped out the barn at Park Farm. This time, the rebuild would be permanent, with a fantastic new functions kitchen capable of feeding parties of 100 plus as well as a new cookery school where foodies from all walks of life can take inspiring hands-on seasonal cooking classes. After careful planning and design to be in tune with the old threshing barn’s original rafters and flag-stone flooring, the new kitchen not only looks the part but also works a treat. Spacious food prep, cooking and storage areas sit happily alongside sparkling stainless steel work spaces, and there’s even a new cold room for hanging and curing meat. Getting praise a-plenty from the team, including chief Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall himself, we’re delighted to have helped make it a happy ending for River Cottage.