Pinteresting News from Space

Here at Space we’ve been ‘pinning’ for a while now and we’d like to invite you to take a look at some of our boards and give us a ‘follow’ if you like what you see.

On our Pinterest page you’ll find an eclectic mix of pin boards.  There’s some of what you’d expect such as our commercial kitchen design projects and 3d kitchen walk-throughs but also some more unusual boards that reflect a little of what we’ve seen around that we like the look of.

Check out the ‘Arty Space’ board for some examples of wall graphics and lettering, or the ‘Space to Repurpose’ board for ideas of making use of everyday items in ways you might not expect.

The boards aren’t just for commercial spaces, there are lots of pins with ideas of how to add you personality to your own home too.

To view and follow us on Pinterest please visit our page and we’ll keep you updated with what we’re up to and share some of the great stuff we’ve seen around.

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