Humble by Nature Kitchen Design Project

Humble by Nature is based on a working farm in the Wye Valley, South Wales. Historically the farm was owned by the local council until 2010 when, following notice from the tenant, the council decided to sell and dissipate the farm. Rather than see the land broken into lots, Kate Humble and husband Ludo Graham took over the site to continue as a farm and smallholding for animals.

The land is a valuable part of the community which supports other rural businesses and the activities on the farm now include a centre for learning and showcasing rural and cookery skills.

Following the purchase of the land in 2010 there was a lot of work to be completed including developing a space to house the smallholding animals, building an office and creating a barn which would act as a teaching centre and house for the new tenants, Tim and Sarah.

Space Catering was appointed to, design and deliver a kitchen at the back of the Humble by Nature Barn and this included supplying the catering equipment for the project. The kitchen was designed and installed in summer 2013 and forms an integral part to the blossoming Humble by Nature buildings.

Following the completion of the farmhouse kitchen design we received some positive feedback from the client and in invitation to the opening event. We wish them all the best with their venture.

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. Thank you very much indeed for all your expert input and for being so reliable and resourceful!” Kate Humble

For more information about Humble by Nature visit the Humble by Nature website