Design – Layout Plans

The Space restaurant and kitchen design team have many years of experience in delivering both restaurant and kitchen plans that really work for their clients, although the final aesthetic look of any project is extremely important, just as important is how the environment flows for the end user, most of this work is completed at the 2D planning stage using detailed kitchen plans and restaurant seating design plans to maximise the available space, work out the bugs and eliminate any potential bottlenecks for customers and staff after completion and opening

At Space the design team starts with the initial spatial layouts maximising the use of the area available. From this point forward the team will work closely with you sharing kitchen plans and restaurant seating design every step of the way for your review and input to ensure the final restaurant and kitchen design is exactly what you want before moving on to the next stage this allows the project to move forward efficiently and within budget.  Also at this stage we would also look to incorporate as much sustainability into the restaurant and kitchen design wherever possible.  The final stage of the 2D design would be to provide full Mechanical and Electrical drawings, to ensure all parties involved have a clear understanding of the final layout.