Caitlin Farr-McKenna Catering Equipment Innovation, Environmentally Friendly Innovation, Innovation

The Evogro is a herb and salad leaves growing chamber which allows staff to access live products, where they can harvest the quantities required and leave the rest to continue growing.  Subsequently this reduces food waste produced as the product will continue to grow. Most bagged salads/herbs are partially preserved in plastic bags filled with nitrogen. Therefore this equipment innovation …

catering mobile solution

Mobile Coffee Stations

Caitlin Farr-McKenna Catering Design Innovation, Innovation

The Mobile Coffee Stations are self contained mobile servery units which can be easily locked. These coffee stations are ideal for use in leisure, transport and event environments. Each design element of your Coffee station is customisable, from the equipment specification, to hot or cold food display options, bespoke counter units and branding the signage. This innovative food offering provides …

Food Pod

Catering Food Pods

Caitlin Farr-McKenna Catering Design Innovation, Innovation

These Catering Food Pods are delivered ready to trade and assembled with your choice of equipment and bespoke branding. The Food Pods are weather proof, fully secure and coated with food safe PVCu on the inside. They are fitted with slip resistant flooring, lighting, sockets and cold water supply, making it easy for you to set up. Each design element …

Inverter Microwave

Inverter Microwave Oven

Caitlin Farr-McKenna Catering Equipment Innovation, Innovation

The first all metal door microwave. This new design with no inner door film is easier to clean and creates a more durable longer lasting product. The full metal door also provides the look of a conventional oven, making it a great addition to your open kitchen. The Inverter technology enables even and quicker cooking while also saving energy, thus …


Caitlin Farr-McKenna Catering Equipment Innovation, Innovation

HyGenikx is an advanced and compact, wall mounted hygiene amplification system, proven to eradicate bacteria and viruses throughout the food service industry.  This equipment innovation not only improves cleanliness and reduces infection but it also extends life and quality of fresh perishable food which in turn reduces your waste. The HyGenikx innovation uses the most effective air and surface sterilisation …

Resin floor repair kit

Resin Floor Repair Kit

Caitlin Farr-McKenna Innovation

With this resin floor repair kit you can repair your damaged floor with minimal disruption. This repair kit can be used on resin floors, tiled or concrete substrate. The curing time is only 1 hour, so you can get back to work almost straight away. Saving you time and reducing hassle of having to arrange site visits and quotes. For …

IMC WasteStation2

IMC WasteStation

Caitlin Farr-McKenna Catering Equipment Innovation, Environmentally Friendly Innovation, Innovation

At Space Group we are always on the look out for innovations which can help the environment, the IMC WasteStation does just that. Food waste is a major problem for the environment and costly for businesses, this product helps to alleviate both of these issues.  Food waste consists of 77% liquid, the IMC WasteStation forces this excess liquid out directly …

Two level dishwasher

Two Level Dishwasher

Caitlin Farr-McKenna Catering Equipment Innovation, Environmentally Friendly Innovation, Innovation

In 2019 Hobart launched the world’s first two-level dishwasher. This innovation doubles your wash output while using the same footprint as the standard commercial dishwasher. This two level dishwasher provides you with the flexibility to either use the two wash chambers simultaneously or independently. A further benefit to the two level dishwasher is that it uses the same amount of …

People Flow Simulation

Caitlin Farr-McKenna Catering Design Innovation, Design Software Innovation

  We use state of the art People Flow Simulation software in order to ensure that our clients have complete confidence in our final design solution. We can translate any design into a working 3D animation which can output key data in the form or bar charts, graphs etc. In the 20 years that we have been designing facilities for …

Evereo Oven by Unox

Caitlin Farr-McKenna Catering Equipment Innovation

In 2017 the Evereo oven by Unox was launched, a product that benefits from Exever technology (Serving Temperature Food Preservation). By using the Evereo unit it is now possible to preserve the majority of hot products, improving the work of operators in the kitchen and optimising cooking times without loosing quality and taste. For More information and product specifications please …